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2018 Vision

Scouts 2018 Vision & What it means to us

Scouts 2018 Vision & What it means to us

How we got here

Over the last decade Scouting has made a number of changes. We've changed how we look, how we do things, updated our programme and our adult training provision. We've changed our approach to volunteering and provided better support for flexible volunteering.

It doesn't stop there though - we're already looking forward - what will Scouting be like in the future? What will young people want and expect from Scouting... well that's why we have a vision looking forward to 2018!

Here's what Scout HQ say about 2018:

Scouting in 2018 will make a positive impact in our communities; prepare young people to be active citizens; embrace and contribute to social change.

Scouting in 2018 will be shaped by young people in partnership with adults; enjoyed by more young people and adult volunteers; as diverse as the communities in which we live.

Members of Scouting in 2018 will feel empowered, valued and proud.

How will we achieve this in Humberside?

We are already working towards this vision, getting young people involved in decision making, at management meetings and listening to their valued contribution. 

We are working on our continued growth of Scouting - our target is to have 5000 young people in Scouting in the County by 2018 and we're on target to achieve that.

We are making more people aware of Scouting, by getting out into communities, promoting the modern message of Scouting and showing people what great opportunities we can provide for young people today

We are opening groups in areas that do not currently have Scouting in the community, by working with our teams at Scout HQ and external organisations to find new meeting places and volunteers to provide more adventure for young people.

We have already successfully opened groups in specific communities and we are looking at further opportunities to work with all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds, in order that Scouting is available to all.

We are ensuring that we are leading by example, having the best people possible leading each of our teams to make Scouting the best that it can be both now and by 2018.

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