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Introduction to Training

First Aid Training

First Aid Training

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Training

Primrose Hill Adult Training

Primrose Hill Adult Training

Making Twists

Making Twists

Here we will try and give you an understanding of how training within Scouting is broken up to suit different roles and responsibilities.

Getting Started and the 36 Modules.

Whilst the module matrix (which can be downloaded from the link opposite) might look a bit large, it isn’t really. The hardest part is to understand the key. It is broken down into job roles and colour coded appropriately to make it easier to understand. Below is a breakdown of the different roles within the Adult Training Scheme which should help you to work out which parts of the training you will need to undertake.

Section Leader

A Section Leader is exactly that – there’s no distinction whether it’s a Beaver Leader, a Cub Leader, and Assistant Cub Leader, an Assistant Scout Leader or an Explorer Scout Leader. If you work directly with young people, then you are a Section leader.

Sectional Assistant

A Section Assistant is an adult who helps a Section leader and works directly with young people. A Section Assistant is required to undertake some training and to validate the Getting Started Modules 1 Essential Information and 3 Tools for the job (Section Leaders)


A Manager is someone who has a direct line responsibility – so that’s a Group Scout leader, District Explorer Scout Commissioner, District Commissioner or County Commissioner.

Sections Supporters

A Section Supporter is someone who supports a section within a scouting district or county – so that’s for example the Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) Scouts, Assistant County commissioner (ACC) Cubs, or ADC Beavers. Generally speaking they don’t directly manage Leaders. They are not managers. These supporters have a wealth of knowledge and can help you in your role.

Other Supporters

Other supporters are those who perform supporting roles but don’t directly have a link to a Group e.g. ADC Activities, ACC International


Others’ is exactly that – anyone not in any of the above. So that includes trainers, presenters, course directors, but also Group Treasurers, District Chairman etc. Everyone needs to undertake some training – the minimum is Module 1: Essential Information (which can be done in the comfort of your own home).

The Matrix

Your complete guide to adult training modules

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