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Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales

Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales
Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales
Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales
Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales
Walkington Scouts - Journey to Wales

The journey to Wales with scouts

We met at Walkington primary school at 5:00pm, prepared for our 4 hour coach journey ahead of us. For the long journey to Wales we had to wear something comfortable

Preparation for wales

On the Wednesday before we were going to Wales, we were asked to bring our bags (packed.) Bosen and Skip inspected our bag so that if we didn’t have anything we needed, they could provide it for us. Eg. Day bag and Personal bag

The day of the challenge : Saturday 24th June

On Saturday we were up bright and early at 7:00 am to get ourselves ready for the challenge ahead of us. The coach journey to the starting point took about 15 minutes. When we got there we took a group photo of the whole troop. We had a final toilet check and then set off.

At the start of the walk it was nice and easy and it was a level path, as the walk went on it became more and more challenging. At the very top it was freezing cold, the moisture from the clouds made our hair and clothes wet. It was so foggy we couldn’t see anything! To try and keep warm we tested an overap blanket, it got warm very quickly.

We started to head back down the mountain, it was a long downhill path. Half way down we stopped at a halfway house for a hot chocolate. At the end of the challenge we walked through a town named Llamberis. The kind people gave us each a nan bread to try. When we got to the mini bus we drove to our camp site and played football as the leaders made our dinner.

Sunday 25th June

We got up at 7:20 on Sunday so we could go on a walk before we left Wales. On our walk we went to see a water fall (Aber falls). We ate lunch and took some pictures, While we were eating it was pouring down with rain. However we didn’t stay long because we were tired form climbing mount Snowden the day before. We got back on the bus and went back to Walkington primary school


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