County Vision and Objectives

Following the changes to the County Structure and team in 2017, we devised a vision for the County and set out objectives that team are working towards over the coming couple of years (up until Summer 2019). The objectives are designed to help us meet the requirements of our vision.

These objectives are currently being reviewed and updated to reflect our plan to 2022.

County Vision

We will develop a County that people are proud to be a part of by:

  • Supporting members to deliver a high quality programme
  • Developing the personal skills of our volunteers
  • Creating fun and adventure for all
  • Listening to the needs of our members
  • Encouraging involvement of youth members at all levels

County Objectives

Our objectives are broken down into the five areas of responsibility. The main County objectives and the four key areas, each led by a Deputy County Commissioner (the name of which appears next to the area). These represent the teams that are responsible for each of the objectives.


  • Share Census information throughout the County
  • Be visible throughout the County
  • Be available to provide help and support to volunteers as required
  • Promise what we’ll deliver and deliver what we promise


  • Review provision of training with a view to providing all required modules to suit the needs of volunteers
  • Deliver training locally within Districts as required
  • Have more younger people involved in presenting and delivering of training
  • Review and update our young leader training provision


  • Clarify our position with Duke of Edinburgh Awards and training
  • Increase provision of Duke of Edinburgh awareness throughout County
  • Put together a definitive list of ‘qualified adults’ and ensure all roles are recorded on Compass in a suitable and accessible manner


  • Provide support for leaders to deliver the challenging aspects of the programme
  • Provide and deliver quality events across all sections
  • Deliver a single event that is open to all members of the County
  • Pull together a list of programme supporters and providers throughout the County
  • Review provision of International opportunities and how these can benefit young people of all sections


  • Share knowledge of ‘things people need to know’ to reduce the risk and reliance upon individuals
  • Strengthen the plan for Raywell working days and advertise earlier to maximise opportunity
  • Increase usage of Raywell by better marketing and advertising


  • Encourage all Districts to recruit a Youth Commissioner. 
  • Work with existing Youth Commissioners and develop new people into the role / team
  • Be involved with and help to develop and run the Young Leader Training Scheme with a view to encouraging more youth involvement
  • Work with the county team and with national guidance to develop clearer understanding for young people transitioning from Explorer Scouts to adult roles.


Here you can download the County Structure which shows how the teams are made up and the areas of responsibility that feature under each of the teams

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