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User information

Our site is managed purely by volunteers who give up their time for free to support our great facility at Raywell Park.  We don't want to sound like the fun police, and we want you to have a great time at Raywell, but like all things in life, there are some basic rules that we expect our users to follow when using our facilities. 

Please follow these rules and help us keep the running costs and subsequently the prices for you and our other users as low as possible. 

On Arrival

Groups should report to the duty warden on arrival. Please inform the warden of any expected visitors throughout your stay. For your convenience, please advise the warden of your expected time of departure so that an inspection of the building / site you are using can be arranged before you leave.

Building Users

Buildings will be clean and tidy on arrival and users are expected to leave them in the same condition.  

Please help us keep our prices down by conserving gas and electricity during your stay by keeping windows and doors closed whilst heating is on and turn off lights and other appliances after use.

Users should ensure their party are aware of the actions to take in the event of a fire, the warden will provide this information on your arrival.  Groups staying longer than 3 nights must carry out a practice drill.  

Brushes, mops, vacuum cleaners and some limited cleaning materials are provided in each building.

Leaving the Building

At the end of your stay a warden will need to check the site / premises before you leave.

Please ensure:

  • The buildings and / or outdoor areas that you have been using are as clean and tidy as when you arrived.
  • Vinyl floors are mopped.
  • Carpeted areas are vacuumed. 
  • Toilets, Showers, Bathrooms and Kitchens are thoroughly cleaned.
  • All appliances and lights are turned off (except Fridges, Freezers and insect killers).
  • Any breakages / damages are reported to the warden.

Outdoor Fires

  • Fires must be raised from the ground using the drums provided (except in the campfire circle).
  • Groups using wood fires, please only use wood from the woodpile or fallen timber; do not cut down or damage any trees on site.

Leaving the Campsite

At the end of your stay a warden will need to check the site before you leave. Please ensure:

  • The grounds are clear of any litter
  • Any un-burned wood is returned to the woodpile.
  • Any shelters that have been built are dismantled and returned.
  • Any toilets and showers that you have used are cleaned and left as you found them.
  • Fire-bases are cleaned.

Accidents and Emergencies

Please report all accidents to the warden for entry into the site record book.  First aid kits are kept in the warden’s office, but groups are expected to provide their own first aid supplies. 

Site Shop

If you would like to use the site shop, please advise at the time of booking or speak to the duty warden to arrange a suitable time.

Raywell Park Rules

  • All groups must report to the warden on arrival and before departure
  • Fires must be raised from the ground (except in the campfire circle)
  • Any used fire-bases must be emptied into the ash bin before departure
  • Only use fallen timber or wood from the woodpile for fires, please do not remove any timber from the live trees on site.
  • Vehicles must not drive on the grass without permission from site staff
  • All vehicles should be parked in the car park
  • Keep noise to a minimum between 11.00pm and 7:30am
  • Dogs may be kept on site with prior permission from the warden. Owners are responsible for keeping their dog under control and cleaning up any waste.
  • The site’s boundaries are clearly marked, the sites adjoining the site are strictly out of bounds.
  • Only access and leave the site through gates provided.
  • Only over 18’s may consume alcohol on the site, and group leaders must maintain responsibility for all under 18’s in their care in line with The Scouts Green Card
  • All users of the site are deemed to have accepted and agreed to abide by our Terms and Conditions. You can view these or download them below.

This is a Scout campsite, and all users are expected to follow the Scout law.

A Scout is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal.
A Scout is friendly and considerate.
A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts.
A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

Should any groups behave in an unacceptable way, they may be asked to leave the site and / or be prevented from using the site in future.

Please note that you are responsible for the safety of your belongings. Raywell Park accepts no responsibility for any items lost or stolen, or any damage to vehicles.

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