Skills of Management Training

Saturday, 10th September 2022

Skills of Management Training

This is a 2 day course, 17th to 18th September with some limited indoor accommodation as well as options for camping with meals provided (for camping or indoor accommodation).

Leaders do not have to stay overnight, but please to aware that Saturday sessions will finish early evening (after the evening meal)

At the end of January 2017, a new training provision for Managers and Supporters in Scouting was introduced and is being rolled out in phases; in different parts of the UK. 

What does the scheme look like in practice?

The previous Manager/ Supporter modules are being replaced with more up to date resources, to better support our volunteers in these critical roles. The new training scheme will consist of: 

Getting Started - Essential Information, PLP and Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters)

Training for All Appointments - Fundamentals of Scouting, Changes in Scouting, Scouting for All, First Aid, Administration, Delivering a Quality Programme

Managers and Supporters Training - This is structured around six core skill areas of leadership and management plus a module on safety. The learning opportunities for the Managers and Supporters Training is split into two elements:

  • Independent Learning - There are a number of independent learning modules to support managers and supporters. If you need to complete any of the three manager and supporter skills modules it is important to complete the independent learning required for each of the modules before attending. The skills modules rely on an understanding of this independent learning as a foundation for the learning.  The independent learning that supports each of the individual skills courses is noted below. If you wish for further advice please speak to your Training Adviser.

These independent learning modules are helpful as a refresher to those already in post - so if you are unsure of any of the topics or feel that a refresher would be helpful please don't hesitate to complete them.

  • Skills courses – this will consist of three courses (Skills of Management, Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Growth) where learners have an opportunity discuss and demonstrate different skills relating to leadership and management.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their preferred leadership style and explain how this impacts on how they work with others.
  • Demonstrate how to adapt their leadership style as appropriate to different situations in Scouting.
  • Apply effective and appropriate communication techniques to meet the needs of the intended audience.
  • Use active listening techniques and provide constructive feedback.
  • Carry out effective reviews with team members.
  • Apply basic coaching techniques and work with others to identify and develop their potential in Scouting.
  • Motivate individuals within a team.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in their team and how to build upon these.
  • Facilitate team development.
  • Plan and run effective meetings.
  • Facilitate constructive communication and discussion.
  • Plan and manage effective inductions.
  • Apply effective learning and relationship building.
  • Identify steps to implement their personal action plan.

Pre Course Learning

The following Independent Learning Units are recommended as pre-course learning, if they are relevant to your role:

  • Managing Your Time and Personal Skills
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Project Management
  • Getting the Word Out
  • Leading Local Scouting
  • Finding, Appointing and Welcoming Volunteers
  • Keeping, Developing and Managing Volunteers
  • Supporting the Adult Training Scheme
  • Financial and Physical Resources
  • Executive Committees and Being a Trustee
  • Decision Making

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Payment - it's free, so long as you turn up!

As training for volunteers within Humberside is free of charge, we will cover the cost of any training undertaken by our members, however, as we are charged (by the Region Training Team) for anyone that does not turn up (and has not cancelled prior to the start of the training session), we will pass on the cost of any such occurrences (£25 per person) via their respective District and / or Group.

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Here is a link to national website which explains this in more detail and has a number of FAQs too

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