Here are the Questions from the Webinar and those subsequently submitted


Will you be sharing the route you are taking for travelling and Ferry timings etc? 


Will leaders be looking after the children’s passports? 

Yes. Young people will only need to look after their passport on the feeder coach (from their nominated collection point) until the central meeting point. There after, passports will be collected in and looked after by the subcamp leaders.  When we are in Austria they will be safely stored until the return journey when the same process will apply.

Are there toilets on the coach? 


Please could you confirm pick-up and return times again, not sure if AM or PM?

Pickup:  Sunday 13th August – We have to be at  the central meeting point for 07:30 in the morning.

Return:  Monday 21st August - Aiming to back at the central meeting point  for around 17:30 on Monday evening.

When will we find out times for local pick-ups that feed into the central feeding station? 

We are currently working out how and where to pick everyone up and will communicate the meeting times and places through your group soon.

Are there charging points on coach or will power banks be needed for the journey also?

We don’t know at the moment as the actual coaches have not been allocated by our travel partner.

Can they take a pillow for the coach? 


Will there be air conditioning on the bus? 


Programme / Activities

Are kids escorted all times in places like Salzburg especially if they have no phones? 

Yes, leaders have and will be told that Salzburg is the opportunity for young people to take their leader on a day out. 

Have they chosen activities themselves or do we have to do that somewhere?  

Young people have been given an option to choose activities when in Salzburg. – the “main” activities have been arranged. The young people will likely be able to choose which on site activities they wish to do.  

Do the leaders go on all the activities? 

Leaders will attend most of the activities. Every leader is required to “stay behind” to complete day to day “duties” to ensure the camp goes as smoothly as possible. E.g. food purchasing, toilet cleaning etc.

Do we need to sign consent forms for any activities? 

We are currently discussing this with activity providers. It is likely there will be one for the High Ropes Activity and we will be sharing these as soon as we know more.

Spending Money

Do they need money for food on the way back? 

No – food will be provided from the evening meal on Sunday the 13th to lunch on Monday the 21st.  Everyone will need to bring a breakfast and lunch pack up for Sunday. 

Are the scouts allowed to spend their money on the ferry?


Do they need money for showers at camp? 

If they want a hot shower, they will need 50 cents per shower.  We will be able to change larger denominations.The campsite only take cash.

Will the camp be contact-less for money transactions? 

The campsite has a shop. This is cash only for tuck shop and badges.  

Please can you explain the best way to bring spending money? 

We recommend a card such as Revolut.

How much spending money is recommended and in what form, cash or some kind of card? 

We recommend that the young people bring no more than £50.00.  
We are currently working on the best way to bring spending money.

Insurance, Welfare and Medical

Will all young people be made aware of safeguarding policies and safeguarding leaders? 


As well as allergy medication staying with the explorer does this include inhalers etc? 

This is up to the Explorer. If the young person can manage his/her own prescribed medication, then they are welcome to do so.

How many epi pens are required? 

This is something that is specific to everyone. The more Epi pens, the better. We would love to see more than one in the first instance; however, we recognise some young people will need to bring more.

Do we send over the counter medication such as paracetamol?  

No. We will have medication for pain relief, allergy, bite and sting relief, travel sickness and diarrhoea medication. We can purchase anything else that is required from the local chemist.

How do we reach leaders in an emergency? 

We have an “InTouch system” in place. The contact details will be communicated closer to the time.  

Who will prescribed medications need handing to on the day? 

The  medications should be labelled with names and include clear instructions, there will be a leader asking for prescribed medications (should the young person need to hand it over) once we arrive in Austria.

My daughter cannot swallow tablets will you be providing liquid paracetamol? 


Will there be any sick bags on the coaches as my daughter sometimes gets travel sickness? 


Are they insured for injuries or illness? 


Packing and Kit

Can I see how big the bag is?

The bag is 61cm x 28cm x 30cm – you can see this when you collect it from your group contact. This is the same for adults and young people.  

When would we be required to pick up the clothing?

We will be sorting clothing, along with bags and other provided equipment and delivering to groups around the 16th July. Local collections will be managed by the groups the young people belong to.  

 Do we have to send them with suncream?


Could they take a disposable camera instead of taking their phone? 


When will the kit list be issued? 

The kit list will be issued Via OSM and information will be included in the next newsletter.

Should we attach sleeping bag to roll mat for travel, or can they be kept separate? 

No, they are better kept separate.

Do the scouts need to take any uniform e.g. official scout shirt / Necker? 

Yes, they need to bring it in their bag.


What is the menu and what if they won't/can't eat it? Will there be options? 

Yes - Nobody will go hungry. Menus will be published in due course.  

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