Austria 2023... Leader Information

What is this?

We are planning a large scale event to give as many young people as possible an amazing international experience.


The event will take place between the 13th and 21st August 2023. Young people and their Leaders will leave on the morning of 13th August and return late on 21st August. 


Pfadfinderdorf Zellhof, International Scout and Guide Centre in Austria.


We will be looking at options for transport once we have an idea of numbers, after which we will be able to provide more information regarding travel plans.


The event is open to youth members born between 20 August 2005 and 13 August 2013.

How many can go?

We don't plan to limit numbers for the event and we will not be holding a selection event (as is the case with events such as the World Scout Jamboree and EuroJam). That said, we need to be practical and ensure that we can get everyone there and back, as well as ensuring they all have an amazing adventure.


How do I book on to the event?

Complete the Expression of Interest Form here to give us a estimate number of young people you will be bringing. 


Is insurance included? 

Yes, we will be arranging insurance as part of the trip.  We will provide details of this nearer the time, however, we will not be covering personal belongings as part of the group cover. Individuals may wish to purchase their own cover for personal belongings.

What about COVID? 

We will only commit to spending money when we have to, but like most events, it is unlikely that we will be able to get insurance to cover the entire trip, should it be cancelled due to COVID. It is however expected that of you cannot travel because you have COVID you will be covered.  An update to this section will be provided prior to 12 March 2022.


Do we need to do any additional training to come along? 

No. However, all Leaders attending need to ensure they are compliant with all mandatory Scout training appropriate to their current role and hold a valid DBS for the duration of the event. 

Anyone holding an occasional helper role will need to have undertaken the Scouts online Safety and Safeguarding training prior to the event.


A young person / Leader in our group doesn’t currently have a valid passport. Can they still attend?  

Everyone will need their own valid passport when we go. Passports must be valid for six months after our return (therefore they need to be valid until 28 February 2024).

Personal Data 

How will you be collecting and storing personal details of those attending?  

We plan to use OSM and will share more information about this once groups have expressed their interest.


If I come as a Leader, can I bring my children with me?

No. There will be no provision (catering or activities) for any young person outside of the specified age range. Leaders attending are responsible for the young people they are bringing so will not have time to look after their own children.

Before we get there 

Will we meet before we go to Austria? 

Yes. There will be a series of pre-events where you will get to meet the other Leaders and Sections in your sub-camp. 

What happens if one of my young people or Leaders drop out? Will they get their money back? 

All money paid is non-refundable.

Programme and Delivery Team (not linked to a group)

Do we get a discount because we are part of the planning and delivery team?

No, everyone pays the same amount.

How do we pay for the trip?

A member of the core team (Simon, Sheenagh, or Rachael) will manage your payments and help you through the relevant process. 

Camping and Equipment

What equipment will our group need to provide

Groups will need to provide tents for their members to sleep in and participants will be expected to supply thir own personal equipment. A list of equipment required by groups and individuals will be issued nearer to the time.

Will the whole contingent be camping together?

The plan is to break down the overall contingent into manageable groups (sub-camps) for welfare, cooking, travel and activities. Each sub-camp will be around 50 people in total.

Will our full scout group be camping together in the same sub camp?

In order to have the best experience, groups will be mixed between sub-camps. There will be plenty of opportunities to visit friends in free time and other scheduled activities. This will encourage everyone to make lifelong friends and be part of a great international experience.

Leader Participants

How many young people can I bring? 

As many as you have that want to go! 

How many Leaders can I bring? 

Leader places are limited to one per five young people. However, if your young people wish to attend, but you do not have any / enough adults to bring them, please still complete the expression of interest form and we will be in touch.

What if none of my Leaders want to go, but the young people do? 

Please complete the expression of interest form and put the number of Leaders as 0. We will then be in touch to help link you with Leaders who wish to go, but do not have any young people to bring.  

I am not a Leader with a Section that is planning to attend. How can I still come along to help?

We will need adults to attend with Sections whose own Leaders cannot come. Therefore, we will be looking for extra adults to fill these gaps. If you would like to do this please complete this online form to express your interest. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

We have more than our 1:5 ratio of Leaders who wish to go. How can they still attend?

We will need adults to attend with Sections whose own Leaders cannot come. Therefore, we will be looking for extra adults to fill these gaps. If you would like to do this please complete this online form to express your interest. They will be placed with any Section/Group from across the County, which is not guaranteed to be on the same sub-camp as you. Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.

The Leaders in our Group aren’t confident in taking young people abroad, but want our young people to attend. What can we do? 

This trip would be a great first experience for Leaders taking young people abroad. A lot of organising work has been done for you by the Planning and Delivery Team. You just need to ensure that your young people enjoy themselves whilst they are there! 

Young People Participants 

We have some Cubs who will be 10 when you go, can I sign them up now? 

Any young person can attend that is born between 20th August 2005 and 13th August 2013. Even if they are not a Scout now, they will be by the time we go.  

Are the above dates flexible?

Unfortunately not. 

We have Explorers that will be 18 when we go. Can they still attend with our Explorer Unit? 


Can young leaders attend? 

We want all young people who are attending to experience the fantastic adventure and the opportunities available to them. Therefore, young leaders must attend as an Explorer. If young leaders do not attend an explorer unit, we can add them to a unit within their District for this event.

Can Network members come along? 

The trip is for young people who are born between 20th August 2005 and 13th August 2013. Network members can sign up as leaders (see above) and must have a valid DBS and have completed any necessary mandatory training.

I have a young person and/or Leader with additional needs. Can they still come? 

Part of our aim is to ensure that the trip is as accessible as possible. Please don't let the activities put you off. We can work with the needs and wishes of young people to ensure they have the best adventure possible. 

Money and Payments 

Do Leaders pay the same amount as the young people? 

Yes. The fixed costs are the same for all persons attending. Leaders will join their young people on the activities apart from one day where they will be ‘on duty’ back at the site.  Leaders will also be given a night off, where they can relax and have time away from the young people.

Is there a discount for Leaders?  

No. The fixed costs are the same for all persons attending. Leaders are welcome to fundraise with their young people.  

Are the organising team paying the same 

Yes, everyone pays the same, regardless of role!

Are there opportunities to subsidise the cost to the young people through our Group and / or District?  

Sections can write to their Group and District Executive Committees to ask for financial support and we encourage you to do this. It is up to each individual committee how much they wish to support you with.  The County are already contributing and will not be able to offer individual funding.

How should we collect money in and who do we pay it to? 

A deposit of £95 will be due by 31 March 2022.  Your group will need to pay in installments to Humberside County, this is likely to be every 12 weeks.  All payments will be non-refundable as we'll be making payments for fixed costs such as transport, clothing and activities in advance. 

What if a young person moves section or changes group?

These situations will need to be managed locally between the leaders and / or District teams.

Can participants pay the county directly?

No. All payments must be made to the county from the group / unit bank account.

We only use OSM to take payments in our group / unit, there is a high charge associated to this, what do I do?

If your group / unit cannot pay the additional charges, ask the parents to pay the group account directly, this could be via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

How much is the deposit?

The non-refundable deposit is £95 per participant. All payments need to be paid into the county bank account by the 31st March

Which bank account should our group pay Austria money into?

We will have a dedicated account for Austria set up. As soon as we have the details, we will share these with you.

Are there any payment schedules?

Yes, to manage the cashflow of the trip and to make paying for the trip easier, we have payment schedules arranged: Groups will be expected to make payments to the County account in line with the following dates and amounts (per person):

Date Amount Due
31 March 2022 £95.00
01 June 2022 £150.00
01 October 2022


01 January 2023 £100.00
01 April 2023 £150.00
01 July 2023 £150.00


Thanks to Lonsdale Scouts for the use of their images from their Austrian adventures

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