Programme Sparks

53. Survival Skills




  • Tools
  • Wood
  • Natural materials
  • Fire lighting equipment
  • Meal ingredients
  • Overnight kit 
  One meeting to prepare and an opportunity to put skills in to practise. 

Programme Spark

For this Spark you need to learn and practise the following Survival Skills and then put them in to practise in a scenario:

  • Basic Emergency Aid - appropriate to your Section.
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Ligthing
  • Fire Building
  • Backwoods Cooking
  • Distress Signals
  • Knife Skills and Safety
  • Survival Hygiene 

You could work towards this Spark over several of your meetings, learning and practising a new skill each week, but the emphasis must be on using these skills for this Spark. This should be a survival experience appropriate to your Section's age and ability.

Victorinox have produced resources for Leaders and Young People on all of the above skills. 

Beavers and Cubs may choose to have a day where they are given opportunities to put them into practise. Scouts and Explorers could add an overnight element to the experience, making it more life like. 

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

Younger Sections may wish to choose a few of the above skills to learn and practise, before using them with the support of an adult.

Scouts and Explorers should demonstrate all of the above skills before being put in a survival scenario. 



  • Campcraft
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Adventure Challenge



  • Backwoods Cooking
  • Outdoor Challenge
  • Adventure Challenge 



  • Survival Skills
  • Nights Away
  • Outdoor Challenge



  • Survival Skills 
  • Nights Away


Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   Yes 
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes 

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