Programme Sparks

59. Shout About It




  • Computers
  • Cameras
  • Tablets or smartphones
  • Newspapers
  • Previous Scouting articles
  • Scout brand guidelines

One meeting.

Programme Spark

Identify a good news story about Scouting in your local area. This could be about your Group, District or County.

Have a look at previous news stories about Scouting that you can find in newspapers, magazines, blogs, website etc. Have a look at how they are worded, what each one contains and their negative and positive parts.

Using the research you have done, write your own article or press release about the good news story you identified. You could also include pictures showing what your article is about. Remember to stick to the Scout brand guidelines and safeguarding guidance.

You could ask your District Media Team or Media Development Manager for help with this.

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

All Sections can complete this Spark with varying degrees of adult support.  



  • Community Impact



  • Community Impact



  • Media Relations and Marketing
  • Digital Citizen



  • Media Relations and Marketing
  • Digital Citizen


Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   No
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes

Useful Links

Scout Brand Guidelines 

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