Programme Sparks

66. Great Scout Bake Off




  • Cake ingredents
  • Oven
  • Cooking equipment
  1 - 2 hours.

Programme Spark

Hold a competition in the style of the well known baking show for your Section.

They should find a recipe and write their list of ingredients beforehand. They could choose whether to shop for these themselves, or to have Leaders provide the ingredients.

Give them your full meeting time to bake and decorate their cake/biscuits/scones/whatever you like, before being scored by your 'judges'.

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

Beavers and Cubs could work in teams to complete this Spark.

Scouts and Explorers could compete against each other to make it more competitive. 



  • Cook
  • Skills Challenge



  • Chef
  • Skills Challenge



  • Chef 
  • Skills Challenge



  • Chef


Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   No
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes


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