Programme Sparks

73. Scrap Challenge

Patrington Beavers




  • Clean 'scrap' - recyclables 
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Paint

One meeting.

Programme Spark

Let your young people's imagination go wild with this Spark. The aim to create a model using the scrap that they have collected.

You should give them a theme or challenge to guide their model making such as; modes of transport, moving parts, space ship etc. Then just let them get on with it! 

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

All Sections can take part in this Spark.

Scouts and Explorers often love the opportunity to use their imagination like they are a Beaver again.



  • Creative
  • Skills Challenge



  • Artist
  • Skills Challenge 



  • Model Making
  • Creative Challenge



  • Creative Arts
Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   Yes
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes


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