Programme Sparks

51. Incident Hike




  • Map and compass for each team
  • Grid references of all bases along the hike
  • Leaders to man all the bases
  • Radios for leaders to keep in contact
  • Equipment for the task at each base
  Depends on the number of bases and distance to be covered. 

Programme Spark

The aim of an incident hike is for teams to navigate their way around a set route, completing problem solving bases at intervals along the way. They are scored on the time taken to complete the course, how well they completed the bases and their teamwork throughout.

The tasks at each base and the number of them are completely up to you. They will depend on ease of access to each point, equipment available and the ability of your Section. Some suggestions for bases could be:

  • Using first aid skills
  • Mini pioneering
  • Making a hot drink
  • Fire lighting
  • Make a stretcher
  • Moving volumes of water
  • Communication
  • Problem solving activities

Scouts and Explorers should be able to navigate the course independently, so the Leader in charge of the event needs to ensure they have thought about things such as; accounting for teams along the route, communicating with teams when lost, first aid cover, etc. 

Below are some examples of incident hikes that could be run. 

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

Beavers and Cubs should have adults walking with each team between bases. The distance between each base should be appropriate for their age and walking ability.

Scouts and Explorers could have an overnight element to the hike too. 

You could handheld GPS devices to navigate instead and make the bases more like Geocaches. 



  • Explore
  • Hikes Away
  • Navigator
  • Emergency Aid
  • Adventure Challenge
  • Teamwork Challenge



  • Hikes Away
  • Navigator
  • Emergency Aid
  • Adventure Challenge



  • Survival Skills
  • Geocaching
  • Hikes Away
  • Navigator
  • Emergency Aid
  • Outdoor Challenge



  • Survival Skills
  • Hikes Away
  • Navigator
  • Emergency Aid


Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   Yes - Navigating between bases should be left to the team, with the team Leader having the final decision.
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes 


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