Programme Sparks

78. Stars in their Eyes




  • Mixed recycling - junk/scrap
  • Tape
  • Pioneering poles
  • Rope
  • Biscuits & icing
  • Cake decorating items - stars
  • Marshmallows
  • Spaghetti 
  • Telescopes
  • Stargazing Apps

One meeting or could be extended out over a camp or sleepover.

Programme Spark

This Spark focuses on looking up into the night sky and learning about all the stars up there. To complete it, choose a way to make constellations inside, then look at them outside. 

During daylight hours:

  • Make constellations out of biscuits, icing and star cake decorations.
  • Use spaghetti and marshmallows or pioneering poles and rope, to show the shapes of different constellations. 
  • Make a scene from another planet, including aliens, discussing the existence of life on other planets.

At night time:

  • Using either telescopes or stargazing apps on phones/tablets, look up at the night sky and try to locate the constellations you have made and discussed. 
  • Hull University has a mobile astronomy unit that would be a great visit for your Section.
  • Scarborough & Ryedale Astronomical Society hold various evenings during the winter months at Dalby Forest. 

Adapting for each Section


Badge Links

Choose simpler constellations for younger Sections.

Make sure the constellations you choose for any Section are visible in the sky at the time of year.



  • Space



  • Astronomer
  • Pioneer



  • Astronomer
  • Pioner



  • Science and Technology
  • Pioneer
Can the activity be run through Peer Leadership?   No
Can the activity be run by Young Leaders?   Yes


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