Autumn 2020 Challenges

Share the list below with your Section so they can choose 2 activities to complete in the Autumn Term.


There are a variety of challenges below that can be completed during online Section meetings, face-to-face meetings or both.

You still only need to choose 2 to complete and you could do one face-to-face and one online if you are running a blended programme. 

Game zipzapboing

Zip, Zap, Boing! 

This socially distanced game is all about communication and listening. 

For this challenge we want your Section to test their memory and reactions in this game where you’re just a zip, zap or boing away from victory!

Tin Can Pancakes

Make a mini stove and whip up some delicious pancakes!

For this challenge, you could complete with older Sections during a socially distanced face-to-face meeting, or virtually with younger Sections where they can have an adult at home help to them with using the tools.

Tin can pancakes.PNG
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We Will Remember Them

Whilst we may not be able to take part in our usual Remembrance Day events this year, we can still remember in other ways at home.

For this challenge we want you to commemorate Remembrance Day in some way with your Section. 

You could ask members of you local Royal British Legion to join you for a virtual meeting, cook some wartime recipes, display signs of remembrance at home and much more. There are some fantastic ideas on places such as Pinterest and Scouting Facebook Groups.

Virtual Guess Who

Turn your online meeting into a game board, then narrow down your options before you guess who.

For this challenge use the gallery view on your online meeting platform to play a game of Guess Who!

This is a great way of helping your Section remember the names of any new members that have joined, that you have not yet met face-to-face. 

Virtual Guess Who.PNG
Rangoli designs 1


Diwali celebrations begin on 14th November this year. The festival of light coincides with the first new moon of October or November - the darkest night of the year.

For this challenge we want you to learn about the festival and then celebrate Diwali by creating some amazing Rangoli artwork.

You can use rice or salt and even colour this to give your design a better look. This activity could be done virtually or at a socially distanced face-to-face meeting.

There are some fantastic ideas of deigns on the YouTube Channel below, or you could come up with your own.

YouShape Camp

Just because overnight experiences as Section are on hold for a while, it doesn't mean that you have to stop clocking up your nights away.

For this challenge, we want the young people in your Section to help plan and run a nights away event at home.

For younger Sections, this may include deciding on the activities they would like to do and the meals they are going to cook. For our older Sections this should include being responsible for running a part of the programme, ensuring the event comes in on budget, as well planning the programme. 

Nightsaway stage 1 gooutdoors
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Cup Construction 

Building with cups requires creative thinking and a lot of patience, as one false move can bring everything crashing down!

To complete this challenge each young person will need a set number of cups. These could be paper or plastic which can be re-used or recycled afterwards. Leaders should give the young people something to build out of these cups with a set requirement and time limit to judge the winner against.

These could be things such as:

  • Create the tallest free-standing tower
  • Create a bridge to go over a 1m gap
  • Build a pyramid in under 1 minute

This challenge could be completed online with your Section building their structures at home, or it could be completed a face-to-face meeting where young people are socially distanced and have their own set of cups to use.

We'd love to see pictures of their creations too! 

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