County Team Visit

COVID-19 Adaptations 

Members of the County would love to still visit your Section, whether you are meeting face-to-face or online. It was great to join some Sections over lockdown for their virtual meetings and camps!

If you would like a member of the County Team to visit your face-to-face Section meeting, then you will need to ensure that they are counted within your adult numbers for the meeting and that they are made aware beforehand of any controls in your COVID Risk Assessment that they need to adhere too.

Please ensure you state when filling in the form whether it is a face-to-face or virtual meeting and be aware that due to personal circumstances, not all members of the Team may be able to attend every meeting requested. 


The County Team always enjoys visiting Sections and Groups, so please invite us to come and see you!

In the County Survey sent out last year, it highlighted that we have greatly improved visibility of the County Team, but Leaders would like to still see more of this.

For this challenge, we want you to invite a member of the County Team to visit your Section or Group.

This doesn't have to be at your normal weekly meeting place either, we'd love to join you for a meal at a large camp or visit an event.

If there is a specific member of the Team that you would like to visit you, then please indicate that and we will do our best to facilitate this. 

A reminder of who's who and the County Structure is below.

Please fill in the online form to request your visit and a Team member will be in touch to confirm their visit.

2019 County Team Structure (47.3 KB)

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