Challenge X

In 2020 we are challenging all Sections in the County to do 10 activities during the year to complete Challenge X. Are you up to the challenge?

COVID-19 Adaptations 

The challenges set in the Spring and Autumn Term reflect the readiness level in the County at that time, so they are suitable for Sections meeting online or face-to-face where appropriate.

Going forwards, Challenge X will continue in this way until the County is back at Green readiness level. This may mean that it carries on over into 2021, allowing those Sections who could not meet during lock down at all to continue to work towards completing their 10 Challenges.

The occasional badge will be redesigned to reflect that Challenge X may go over into 2021 too. 

There are some FAQs at the bottom of this page that we hope answer any questions you may have, but please get in touch if there is something not covered. 


We're excited to launch our 2020 programme initiative - Challenge X

The feedback given in the County Survey has helped shape the format and we hope you enjoy completing it with your Section throughout the year.

There will of course be an occasional badge that you can award your young people to wear on their uniform. The design of this will be released soon...

How do we get started?

The challenge is broken up in to 2 parts.

The first is the 4 mandatory challenges that are designed to be completed throughout the year. 

The second part is 6 challenges that your young people will choose, 2 for each school term.

At the start of each Term, a list of challenges will be released below. You should share this list with your young people and ask them to vote on which 2 out of the list they want to complete during that Term.

You can get creative with how your young people vote for the challenges. There are plenty of ideas in the YouShape resources.

All Year Challenges

Remember that all of these need to be completed to earn your badge!


Termly Challenges

Get your Section to choose which 2 they would like to do in each term.

Choose your challenges to complete between January and April!

Choose your challenges to complete between April and September!

In light of the current circumstances, these challenges have been chosen so that they can be completed individually by Young People at home, or done virtually as a Section.

Choose your challenges to complete between October and December!

These challenges have been chosen to ensure all Sections, whether continuing to meet online or face-to-face, can take part. 




Our Section did not meet online during the Summer 2020 Term due to Leaders' personal circumstances, so we didn't complete any of the Summer Challenges. Can we go back and complete them now?

That is absolutely fine and was the case for many Sections. Do not worry about going back to previous Term's challenges, just focus on the current and future Term's ones. It is highly likely that it will be another Term before we are back at Green readiness level, so you can make up the 2 that you missed, by choosing 2 from the Spring 2021 Term, when they are released. 


We completed 2 challenges in Spring 2020 and over lock down we virtually completed 2 of the Summer 2020 Term's challenges. We have now completed 2 of the Autumn 2020 Term's challenges. Do we need to do anymore to earn our badge?

You have completed 6 of termly challenges in the required time frames, so all you need to do now is ensure you have completed the 4 mandatory challenges that can be done at any time. Then you have done all 10 and can earn your badges!


Does the County Online Cubs Assemble and County Online Beaverlympics count as a large event?

Yes, absolutely!

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